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Dubai offers a magnificent selection of things to do for visitors with almost any kind of interest. From age-old heritage sights such as Al Fahidi Fort, to impressive architectural landmarks like Burj Khalifa and its dancing fountains, the city has an eclectic mix of old and new. Have fun in a waterpark and embark on an unforgettable desert safari with dune driving, belly dancing and falconry. There are beaches, golf courses, equestrian centres, nightclubs, shopping malls, luxury spas and award-winning restaurants. Throughout the year, Dubai stages many special events including music concerts, international sporting fixtures, cultural celebrations, shopping festivals and children’s entertainment programmes.

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  • Camel 儿童俱乐部

    3 至 12 岁的儿童可以在 Camel 儿童俱乐部里投入到充满乐趣的冒险活动中。

    • 适合 3-12 岁的儿童
    • 营业时间为每天上午 10:00 至晚上 9:00
    • 酒店客人免费
  • 迪拜水族馆与水下动物园


    • 营业时间为每天上午 10:00 至晚上 10:00
    • 世界上最大的悬浮式水族馆
    • 带水肺潜水与鲨鱼潜水


  • 世嘉室内主题乐园


    • 营业时间为每天上午 10:00 至晚上 11:00
    • 可在线购票
    • 大部分游戏适合 4 岁以上儿童


  • Kidzania


    • 营业时间为每天上午 10:00 至晚上 11:00
    • 可选现实生活中 80 种工作进行角色扮演
    • 富有创意的儿童教育理念
  • Aquaventure 水上乐园

    Aquaventure 里面有漂流、水滑梯、冲击滑道、激流和极速滑道等等,大人和孩子都能玩个痛快。

    • 水滑梯和水上骑行活动
    • 朱美拉棕榈岛上的海滩
    • 每天开放