Top Al Khobar restaurants

The Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar offers a wide selection of cuisines offers a delectable variety of cuisines catering to all tastes.

Choose from all-day dining at The Blue; an authentic Indian Restaurant, Maharaja by Vineet; and The View located on the twelfth floor with a stunning panoramic view of Al Khobar City and the Gulf.


The Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar, known for its diverse dining options, not only offers food, but also an experience of entertainment and relaxation.

A team of professional chefs led by our French Executive Chef is preparing daily a large variety of international dishes to please all tastes. With his wide international experience, our Executive Chef brings with him only the best of what he has seen at the various countries he has visited. His cuisine is rich and well balanced. He uses always the best products in terms of quality and freshness.

For reservation please call +966 13 898 4999

Go Healthy

Go Healthy is an exciting, new way of indulging in deliciously-nutritious dishes while helping to preserve and protect the environment. Living well and choosing sustainable environmental practices are the core values of our Go Healthy menu, as our chefs come together to create a delectable array of dishes using fresh, seasonal produce, carefully and responsibly sourced from local markets.

Fresh from the harvest and onto your plate, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts ensures that you can easily and conveniently Go Healthy in your food choices. At Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar, we’re lucky to be living in a region of Saudi Arabia that places a great deal of emphasis on agriculture. So we locally source a great deal of the food we buy, reducing our hotel’s carbon footprint. Local foods include eggs, poultry and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, including onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and lettuces such as romaine, Jarjeer, regal and Lambs Lettuce. Of course Lamb itself is a major staple in the Middle East, and we buy the freshest local Lamb carcasses for favorite dishes such as Lamb Oozie, which is a regular feature for our wedding menus and theme nights. Finally, we’ve got the sea and all its bounty right next door, so we can locally source the freshest seafood, including Sultan Ibrahim, Shary, Moulet, Najil, Red Snapper, Parrot Fish, Grouper, Sardines, Shafi, Rabeeb and Sea Bream.

At Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar, we make our own sprouts – including mustard, fenugreek, green and red lentils – which we serve simply on all our buffets. In addition to being healthy, they add color and texture to a plate when used as a garnish. It’s a small but important step toward sustainability.

Finally, we offer homemade jams and preserves at our breakfast buffets, all made with seasonal fruits including plums and mandarins. We also use seasonal fruits for our room amenities, including apples, locally-grown figs and mandarins.