Recreational facilities include the beach, beach lounge infinity pool, heated winter pool, summer beach pool, children's pool, playground and Dana Children’s Activity Centre. We also offer two private pools and a Jacuzzi, solariums, tennis courts, beach volley ball and a fitness room.

Kindly be informed that the winter pool will be closed for private functions on the following dates; April 2,3,10,24 and May 1,16 and August 8,2015 from 04.00 pm onwards.
The Beach Lounge and summer pool will remain open for your leisure.

Visitors will be delighted by the riches the surrounding countryside has to offer – here are a few of the attractions. Should you need any advice or assistance with booking your day trip, please do not hesitate to contact our Guest Relations Department by dialing 6139 or visiting them in the lobby.

The overall ambiance is one of serenity and relaxation.

  • Wadi Rum

    If you’re looking for the ultimate experience of immersion in nature, a night under the brilliant stars of Wadi Rum, surrounded by rugged mountains and desert, is an unforgettable experience.

  • Hammamat Ma'in

    Since the Roman Empire, these thermal mineral springs have been visited for treatments or simply to relax in the hot therapeutic waters. Located southwest of Madaba.

  • Baptism Site

    Identified for nearly two millennia as the spot where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. Dotted with churches, baptism pools and home to one of the earliest Christian prayer halls.

  • Mount Nebo

    The most revered site in Jordan. On this presumed site of the death and burial of the prophet Moses, early Christians built a large complex, still an active monastery today. There are breathtaking views from the front of the church across the Jordan Valley.

  • Petra

    A legacy of the Nabataeans, the site of this magnificent city was lost to the world for over 1,000 years until its rediscovery in AD 1812. Carved into rose-coloured cliffs, Petra is one of Jordan’s national treasures.