Indulge your senses

For extra pampering, the health club offers various massage programmes.

Relaxing massage: the ultimate massage experience that provides relaxation for the face, scalp, back of the head, neck and shoulders.

Shiatsu Massage: involves the application of fingertip pressure along the meridians (energy channels), releasing blocked energy, balancing the entire body and restoring your well-being.

Swedish massage: this unique European massage uses long rhythmic strokes and light pressure that relieves tension, improves blood circulation and promotes relaxation.

Aromatherapy: the fragrant scent of oil or lotion soothes your mind yet energises your scalp and shoulders with a massage that focuses on vital energy points.

Foot Reflexology: massage for the pressure points of the feet that aims to boost blood circulation in your head to improve your breathing and to relax the muscles in your body.

Hot Stone Massage: for a quality treatment, you'll want someone who really understands and enjoys the ritual and that's more difficult to find than you might think. Relieve tension effortlessly in every muscle by indulging in our hot stone massage. A volcanic rock from the exterior of ancient volcanos formed by hot lava increases blood circulation.

For more information and reservations, please contact us at +973 17460072.