Artis Royal Zoo, set in a large park, is a truly remarkable place where wildlife meets culture and where wisdom merges with pleasure. Artis was founded in the year 1838. The Amsterdam Zoo is the oldest of Netherlands. In the beginning there were only a few monkeys, deer and parrots to see. Over the years the Zoo was getting bigger and there were more and more animal species. The full name is Natura Artis Magistra. Which is Latin for: nature is the teacher of art and science. Meaning that nature is so beautiful,  that anyone who wants to create a work of art, better first looks at the shapes and colours of animals and plants.

Artis has stunning monumental and ancient buildings and out of the ordinary gardens. The characteristic buildings give Artis its typical charisma and style. Some of the houses date all the way back to before the zoo was established. As Artis rapidly expanded, various plots of land were purchased, some with existing structures on them, including the Wolf House, which used to be the Oak and Linden Inn. And the Masman Garden House, which is now home to the scarlet ibises and other animals.

Until 1851, admission to Artis was granted only to a select group of members. The common people of Amsterdam were only allowed to visit the park later on – and even then only in September. Their admission fee in that one month was only 25 cents. Artis has been open to the public since 1920. September is still the discount month, with a 25% discount.

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