Istanbul is a city with a modern heart and an ancient soul, a city that traces its history back nearly 10,000 years but is also on the cutting-edge of the latest contemporary trends and fashions. This amazing fusion makes it the perfect place to enjoy a holiday or a business trip, discovering not only a dynamic cultural synthesis but also some of the best shopping, dining and nightlife anywhere.

Istanbul Bridge


  • Istanbul Modern

    Istanbul Modern is Turkey’s first private museum that organizes modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

    • Modern and contemporary art exhibitions
    • Photography gallery
    • Spaces for educational and social programs
    • Cinema
    • Restaurant
    • Design store and an extensive library

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  • Taksim Square

    Taksim Square is a major shopping, tourist and leisure district.

    • In the European part of Istanbul
    • A major shopping, tourist and leisure district
    • Well known for its restaurants, shops and hotels.
    • The centre of modern Istanbul