Confectionery from expert hand.

Delicacies to order

You can now easily and comfortably order special creations from our patisserie. Our patissier and chef confectioner, Frank Scheible, creates exceptional work which finds itself between traditional craftsmanship and a modern and sustainable production.

Thanks to our Swiss roots, we also have been able to collect delicious family recipes, so we can share the high quality of Swiss baking tradition with you.

Contact us: Phone +49 30 23006 485,

Please advise us of your interest and we will happily create an individual offer for you and assist you in organizing your event.


  • Some of our tasty pastries:
  • Desserts in preserving jar - Cointreau mousse glazed with honey and raspberries
  • Crèmes Brûlées - With Brandenburg beet syrup
  • Tiramisus - Vanilla passion fruit tiramisu
  • Creams iced and au gratin - French nougat cream
  • Profiteroles - Caramel profiteroles
  • Petits Eclairs - With nougat ganache
  • "Baumkuchen" terrines - Raspberry sour cream terrine
  • Mini tartlets - Strawberry Prosecco tartlet with white chocolate
  • Cream slices & biscuits - French pine nut tart
  • Swiss pastries - Zuger cherry slice
  • Homemade cereal bars - With Wild cowberry
  • Cakes - Swiss chocolate cake three ways