Things to do in Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, is a stop on every intrepid travelers list of cosmopolitan cities to visit. Famous sites around the city vary from historical monuments to museums, as well as the famous shopping and restaurants.  Paris holds something for everyone, from the art buff to the romantic to Baudelaire's flâneur, which, roughly translated, is someone who adores wandering around the city merely to absorb the atmosphere and watch the people pass by. Why not take the opportunity to be a deliberately aimless pedestrian on the streets of Paris and see what attractions you stumble upon?  Book your room today. Find a list of top things to do during your stay in Paris.

  • Neuilly-sur-Seine

    Neuilly-sur-Seine - adjacent to the city of Paris - is the capital’s most exclusive residential district.

    • Theaters
    • Walks
    • Monuments
  • Théâtre des Sablons

    At a 12-minute walk from the hotel, the Sablons theater

    entertains with a lot of shows: concerts, dance, opera, special show for

    children, plays…

    • At a 12-minute walk
    • 2 exhibitions per year
    • All types of show