A Restorative Journey

We bring together natural healing ingredients with intriguing aromas to stimulate or calm the senses with an intuitive touch that will soothe and unwind physical and mental stress. We aim to revive your senses, restore balance, and improve inner vitality so you emerge from your treatment a beautiful flower, inside and out.

The Blossom Spa

At the Blossom Spa, our spa and massage therapists create an individualized experience for you. Discover uplifting aromas and healing ingredients, calming aural and lighting ambience, and massage techniques to suit your desires.

We do our best to anticipate guests’ needs, and we appreciate that the Blossom is an individual experience for each. Our therapists can customise treatments depending on guests’ preferences; for example, rigourous or gentle massage pressure, extra towels, and adjusting sound or lighting levels.

Sauna and Steam room

Separate male and female sauna rooms featuring a dip pool, two single, and one couple treatment room comprise the spa facilities. Whichever is chosen, one can come away from each experience rejuvenated and refreshed.